Reservation Management System

10 October 2020

About Project

Reservation management system for Slovenian municipalities. The application enables municipalities to easily schedule appointments for Slovenian citizens. It also includes self-booking app so that citizens can schedule the appointments themselves. The application supports multiple business units, locations and workstations and includes various reporting tools for the management.

What we did

We built an efficient algorithm for scheduling appointments based on free times and availability. Application supports various user roles and permissions. There is also a feature that provides detailed reporting of the data for the management team. The application has a calendar component for tracking past, current and future appointments. For this task, off the shelf calendar components as well as scheduling components were not suitable so we built a scheduling UI component from scratch. Self booking was implemented as a PWA application, allowing citizens to schedule their own appointments. Also, for the display billboards in their facilities we implemented a React application so that the customers can track their appointments in real-time. As the application was very successful, the customer decided to implement it in several Slovenian cities.

Additional Illustrations